The latest signee of the guys over at Ghetto Funk is the groove infected Bobby C Sound TV. They’re working on releasing some of his mad funky tunes on vinyl but while you wait to get your hands on those you might as well follow on his old-school videos and grab his latest four track EP for free. The funkiest bunch around might have added an ace to their deck I might just say as I have some high expectations on Bobby’s forthcoming work.

Artist: Bobby C Sound TV

EP Title: Ghetto Funk Presents Bobby C Sound TV

Label: Ghetto Funk

Release Date: 31st August, 2011

Genre: Funk // House // Electronic

Contact: Myspace // Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud


  1. Body Rocked
  2. No Waiting
  3. Rockit To Me
  4. Tap & Twist

Download (Free & Legal)

Ghetto Funk presents Bobby C Sound TV (GFD03) by ghettofunk

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